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OC Teen Center is a premier behavioral and mental health clinic for children and adolescents in Orange County with the best team of psychiatrists. Our highly sought-after child psychiatrist in Orange County, CA, Dr. Sayeh Beheshti, possesses over two decades of experience in helping children and teenagers overcome their trauma, anxiety, stress, and other mental health problems with her unsurpassed interpersonal and communication skills. Here’s how to know that your child needs professional mental health therapy:

  1. Defiant behaviors

If you teenager exhibits behavioral problems inside and outside the home, you must schedule a consultation with a teen psychologist in Orange County. Similarly, if you find your child arguing or complaining frequently or becoming defensive even over a simple conversation, having them sign up for youth therapy in Southern California is critical for a healthy psychological development. You must pay attention to these responses because sometimes these may be signs of your son/daughter is asking for help without them even realizing it.

  1. Sudden shift in interests and habits

If you observe a visible change in your child’s everyday interests or habits, you should consider seeking pediatric mental health services in Orange County. Some of the significant changes to watch out for include changes in eating, sleeping, and personal interests. If any of these changes last longer than two weeks, you must schedule a consultation with one of the experienced adolescent psychiatrists in SoCal. A psychiatrist can guide your child in the right direction and help them overcome their stress, anxiety, or mental health problems.

  1. Excessive worrying 

Finding your teenage son or daughter worrying about things excessively or exhibiting feelings of sadness or hopelessness, you should have them meet with one of our child psychologists in Orange County, California. It is integral to get them help before these feelings start to consume your child and their thoughts.

  1. Regressions

Regression is one of the common symptoms in children when they have a new sibling at home or when their parents are in the middle of a divorce. Any significant life changes in a child’s life can lead to regression. You must seek professional help for your child if they exhibit any of the following signs of regression:

  1. Bedwetting (when already night trained)
  2. Temper tantrums
  3. Clinginess, excessive anxiety, and fearfulness
  4. Separation anxiety
  5. Language regression
  6. Social isolation

Children who feel sad or emotionally disturbed tend to withdraw from social situations. Besides, you should have your child meet with a therapist if they lack the desire to leave the house or avoid playdates and other social activities.

  1. Talking about self-harm

Should your child express feelings or thoughts of self-harm, seek help right away. These signs can sometimes present themselves subtly with hints of hopelessness and loneliness. Schedule an appointment with a therapist immediately if you find your child hitting themselves, banging their head against something, digging nails into the skin, or engaging in other self-harming behaviors.

Get in touch with us today at 714-716-5044 to schedule a consultation with the #1 child psychiatrist in Orange County, CA. OC Teen Center is a preeminent psychiatric clinic specializing in treating mental and behavioral problems in children and teenagers. Call us now to help your child overcome their mental blocks.

Child Psychiatrist Orange County Ca

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Child Psychiatrist Orange County Ca

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