Tattoo aftercare

Getting home :

Wash your hands first, then take out the saran-wrap. It is normal for blood, ink and vaseline to be found underneath it. Wash your tattoo with lukewarm water and non-perfumed soap. Dry gently with a clean cloth and let air dry. Refrain from wearing white clothes, your tattoo will reject a bit of blood and ink in the following days (which is totally normal). Watch out not to stain your bed sheets*​ .​


The first week :

Refrain from taking hot showers, the heat dilates your skin pores. It can cause your tattoo to reject more ink or it can cause the ink to spread underneath your skin. Stay away from animal hair, dust, and dirt*​ *​. Don’t submerge your tattoo for a long period of time, this includes baths, spas, pools, lakes, and saunas. One to two times per day, hydrate your tattoo with Hustle Butter. We highly recommend this brand since it was specially developed for the tattoo industry. Make sure your hands are clean when touching your tattoo.


During the entire healing process :

Your tattoo will create scabs and your skin might peel. It is super important not to pick those. They will fall by themselves. Keep your tattoo away from UV rays, this also includes tanning beds​***.​ Remember to hydrate your tattoo one to two times per day (a thin layer only). If your tattoo gets itchy, run it under cold water or get a cold compress for 5-10 mins, this should soothe the itchiness. The healing process can take up to 4-6 weeks. Never cover your tattoo with a band-aid.

Touch-ups :

Although we are sure you take all the necessary precautions, it can happen that a scab falls out. Touch-ups are guaranteed 6 months after your appointment. These regions are excluded : hands, feets and the interior of your lip.

N.b.* : ​If clothes or bed sheets were to stick on your tattoo, don’t pull ! Let water run on the fabric and gently pull to unstick.

N.b. ** : ​If you come in contact with animal hair or dirt or dust and your tattoo was exposed : wash your hands and then your tattoo with lukewarm water and non-perfumed soap.

N.b.*** : ​Following the healing process and for the rest of your life, it is important to protect your tattoo from UV rays, apply sunscreen on your skin.

The aftercare sheet is very general, if you have any questions please always ask your respective tattoo artist. Aftercare might slightly differ from tattoo artists and from style to another.

Good recovery!