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Tattoo Aftercare Soins pour Tattoo

  • Wash your hands and remove the plastic wrap. It is normal for there to be blood, petroleum jelly and ink under the film. Wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and a mild fragrance-free soap. Blot gently and allow to air dry. Avoid wearing white clothes, the tattoo will shed some ink and blood a few hours later (this is totally normal). Pay attention to sheets during the night*​ ​.

  • Despite the precautions, it happens that a scab comes off and leaves a small imperfection. Alterations are guaranteed (according to the artist) for 6 months following the tattoo date. The excluded regions are the hands, the feet, the inside of the lip. Contact your artist for details.

    *n.b : If you happen to find a piece of clothing or a sheet sticking to your tattoo, do not shoot! Put water directly on the fabric to gently loosen it.

    **n.b : If you happen to be in contact with animals, dirt or dust and your tattoo has been exposed; wash your hands and your tattoo with lukewarm water and a mild soap.

    ***n.b : Following the healing of your tattoo and for the rest of your life, it is important to protect your tattoo from UV rays, consider applying sunscreen to your skin.

    The care sheet is for information only, if you have any questions please refer, always to your respective tattoo artist. Care varies slightly from tattoo artist to tattoo artist and style to style.

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