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SINCE 2009


Oly Anger Tattoo is a reference in the field of tattooing in Canada and more specifically in Montreal. The years of experience acquired thanks to the talent of local and international artists will now be available in a brand new ultra-design and very modern shop, located in the old port of Montreal.

You will find the work of our resident tattoo artists and guest artists, coming from all over the world. We mainly work in a realistic style, but we also have specialists in "blackwork", geometric, "old school", neo traditional and script.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the website, social networks or even come and see us directly.

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Our Artists

Talented artists | Unique styles

Our shop offers a variety of tattoo artists that cover different styles such as realism, semi-realism, modern, collage, traditional and more.

Lettrage | Semi-réalisme

Phil Trep

Lettering | Semi-realism
Traditionnel | «Old-school»


Traditional | Old-school
BD illustrative | Réalisme | Animé


Illustrative comics | Realism | Animated
Réalisme | Ornemental


Réalisme | Ornemental
Réalisme | Micro Réalisme


Realism | Micro Realism
Traditionnel | «Old School»


Traditional | Old School
Micro Réalisme | Collage


Micro Realism | Collage
Traditionnel | «Old School»


Traditional | Old School
Réalisme / Black and grey Realism


Realism | Black & Grey Realism
Realism / Réalism - Lettering / Lettrage


Realism / Réalism – Lettering / Lettrage
Realism / Réalism


Realism / Réalism
Open hours
Day Open hours
Monday - Friday 11h00 – 21h00
Saturday 11h00 – 21h00
Sunday11h00 – 21h00
9 de la Commune St W, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2C5

Tattoos have personal and unique meanings for each individual who wears them. For some, a tattoo may represent an important event in their life, a person who is dear to them, or a symbol that has a deep meaning for them.

Many tattoos have cultural or historical meanings. Tribal tattoos, for example, are often used to represent membership in a specific tribe or culture. Religious tattoos may represent a person's faith or beliefs.

There are also decorative tattoos that do not have any particular meaning, but are simply designed to be beautiful or aesthetically pleasing.

At Oly Anger Montreal, we understand the importance of tattoos for our clients. We work closely with our clients to create custom designs that represent their individuality and personal meaning.

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